Full Potential, Now! Episode 26 – Staci Sprout – Sex & Relationship Addiction

Staci Sprout

Full Potential, Now! Addiction Podcast, Episode 26 – Staci Sprout – Sex & Relationship Addiction

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In this week’s episode of Full Potential, Now!, Ted discusses sex addiction with author & licensed, certified sex addiction therapist Staci Sprout. Staci’s book Naked in Public: A Memoir of Recovery from Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities is available on Amazon.

Staci Sprout Naked In Public

About Staci Sprout:

Staci Sprout is a licensed psychotherapist, author and publisher with twenty years of experience as a therapist and social worker in a variety of settings from community mental health and hospitals to private clinical practice. Staci is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), and since 2006 has dedicated her practice to helping individuals, groups and couples in recovery from sex and relationship addictions.

She lives near Seattle, Washington, with her husband, who is also in recovery.

Visit StaciSprout.com.
Follow Staci on Twitter.

Naked in Public

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This Week’s Ted Tool Resource

This week, we’d like to share a number of recommendations directly from our guest Staci Sprout:

Another resource is www.recoveryzone.com where you can take free or low cost self-help screening tests. There’s a great porn addiction test at www.pornhelp.org, and lots of peer support at www.yourbrainonporn.com and others. If you have a problem, you can go to www.sexhelp.com to find a certified therapist.


Produced by Ted Izydor and John Praw Kruse.
This episode features music by Pat Reinholz and John Praw Kruse.

About Ted Izydor - LPC, CSAC, ICS, MINT 62 Articles
Ted Izydor holds both a Master of Counseling Psychology and Master of Business Administration. With a distinguished 20-year clinical therapy background as a mental health and addiction counselor, Ted offers techniques, strategies and approaches that produce changes. As the founder of Full Potential Coaching and Consulting of Wisconsin, he devotes himself to sharing this knowledge and insight to people seeking more fulfilling, happier and healthier lives.

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