Full Potential, Now! Addiction Podcast Episode 4×4 – Matthew Felgus, MD

Full Potential, Now! Addiction Podcast – Matthew Felgus, MD

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Dr. Matthew Felgus is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry and has a clinical faculty appointment to the UW Department of Psychiatry.  He has been lecturing for the past 15 years on addiction and mental health issues to doctors and doctors-in-training as well as nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and whoever else will listen. He has been interviewed on radio shows and TV news and has given over 100 lectures and presentations on substance use, and the bridge between substance use and mental health issues.


Join us in this episode as Full Potential Ted sits down with Dr. Matthew Felgus at his office to have a candid conversation about addiction, recovery and the current opioid crisis.  In this interview, Matt talks about what he has learned over his 25 years in the addiction field that works and doesn’t work when trying to help someone with addiction.  This conversation leaves no stone unturned as Matt outlines a zone continuum for abuse, tangible strategies and tools to address substance abuse, Suboxone treatment and the key components of effective treatment for opioid addiction. A must listen if you are struggling with an addiction, in recovery or a health care professional.

The Continuum of Use: Am I addicted or not?

Matt Felgus, M.D., talks with Full Potential Ted about his substance use continuum and how to identify if you are headed for trouble or not.  He outlines his substance use continuum along with factors and things you can do to prevent further progression down the addiction path.

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What to do if you are addicted to opioids

Matt Felgus, M.D., talks with Full Potential Ted about the various steps and things you need to know if you are going to take that first courageous step as well as what to expect from treatment.

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Big 4 Factors Driving Your Addiction 

Why not stop it in its tracks?
Matthew Felgus, M.D., talks with Full Potential Ted about the Big 4 underlying factors that drive a person’s addiction.  A must listen if you are wondering what is at the heart of matters.

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 Opioid Addiction to Suboxone Success Story!


Matthew Felgus, M.D., talks with Full Potential Ted about Suboxone success stories and how to successfully treat your opioid addiction. It is never too late!

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Ted Izydor holds both a Master of Counseling Psychology and Master of Business Administration. With a distinguished 20-year clinical therapy background as a mental health and addiction counselor, Ted offers techniques, strategies and approaches that produce changes. As the founder of Full Potential Coaching and Consulting of Wisconsin, he devotes himself to sharing this knowledge and insight to people seeking more fulfilling, happier and healthier lives.

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