Full Potential, Now! Episode 34 – Dr. Robb Kelly – Facing Addiction and Winning

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Full Potential, Now! Episode 34 – Dr. Robb Kelly – Facing Addiction and Winning

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In this episode of Full Potential, Now!, Ted is joined by Dr. Robb Kelly. Our guest today is an alcohol and addiction expert with a story to tell and an obvious passion for helping & educating others. Dr. Robb Kelly is also the author of Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking.

About Dr. Robb Kelly:

Today, Robb Kelly, PhD is a world-renowned addiction expert who believes in treating the problem, not the symptoms. He has worked for many years helping addicts and alcoholics to RECOVER their lives from the disease of addiction.

Based on his own experiences working with addicts and alcoholics over the last 20 years, combined with a PhD in psychology, and as a recovered alcoholic himself – he is a triple threat against the disease of addiction.

Robb Kelly, PhD has worked with thousands of people including celebrities of film, music, and sports. He has lectured at many high profile universities and hospitals on the subject of addiction, and is recognized as a leading authority on addiction recovery methods that are changing lives all around the world.

Today, he is living his dream, instead of dreaming of living.

    • PhD, Psychology, Oxford University Trinity College, 1984
    • PhD, Psychology/Behavioral Science, University of Southampton, 2013
    • Nationally Certified Recovery Coach Level1 (NCRC-1)
    • Somatic Experience Practitioner, Somatic Experience Trauma Institute
    • Certified NLP Practitioner, American Union of NLP
    • Certified Life Coach
    • Certified International Interventionist

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Dr Robb Kelly - Daddy Daddy Please Stop Drinkin

This Episode’s Ted Tool Resource

This week, we’d like to share with you guest Dr. Robb Kelly’s book, Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking, available now.

We would also like to share two great TV appearances by Dr. Robb Kelly:

Dr. Robb Kelly on The Doctors (Heroin & Alcohol Addiction)
Dr. Robb Kelly on KENS5 (Opioid crisis: Who’s to blame?)

You can learn more about today’s guest by visiting Robb Kelly Recovery Group, and check out his podcast.



Produced by Ted Izydor and John Praw Kruse.
This episode features music by John Praw Kruse.


Full Potential NOW! Podcast Awards

Selected in the Top 15 Addiction Podcasts on the internet by Feedspot – 2020

Podcast Spotlight Interview on Discover Pods  – 2020 


About Ted Izydor - LPC, CSAC, ICS, MINT 62 Articles
Ted Izydor holds both a Master of Counseling Psychology and Master of Business Administration. With a distinguished 20-year clinical therapy background as a mental health and addiction counselor, Ted offers techniques, strategies and approaches that produce changes. As the founder of Full Potential Coaching and Consulting of Wisconsin, he devotes himself to sharing this knowledge and insight to people seeking more fulfilling, happier and healthier lives.

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