Full Potential, Now! Episode 40 – Dr. Harshal Kirane – Wellbridge: What is Addiction Treatment?

Full Potential, Now! Episode 40 – Dr. Harshal Kirane – Wellbridge: What is Addiction Treatment?

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In this episode of Full Potential Now, Ted sits down with Dr. Harshal Kirane, Medical Director of Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research.

Join us as Ted and Dr. Kirane ask the question, “What is addiction treatment?”

About Dr. Harshal Kirane:

Dr. Kirane oversees Wellbridge’s medical and clinical program, leveraging research to continually evolve new treatment approaches. He holds a teaching position as Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Zucker School of Medicine.

Prior to joining the Wellbridge team, Dr. Kirane was Director of Addiction Services at Staten Island University Hospital and a leading member of the Opioid Management Steering Committee of Northwell Health.

Dr. Kirane’s intense dedication to the field of psychiatry and addiction is apparent through his educational and fellowship experience. He obtained his MD from the University of Texas Southwestern, where he also completed a residency in general psychiatry and a fellowship in brain imaging with emphasis on learning and memory in schizophrenia. He further specialized his patient care expertise with a fellowship in addiction psychiatry at New York University.

(from Wellbridge.org)

Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research

Learn more about Dr. Harshal Kirane:


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This Episode’s Ted Tool Resource

This week, we’d like to share an episode of the Mindfulness Monday video series by Wellness Director Kendra.


Produced by Ted Izydor and John Praw Kruse.


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Selected in the Top 15 Addiction Podcasts on the internet by Feedspot – 2020

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